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Pre Launch Beta Offfer

Just $50 - Save $247

When I launch 90 Minute Web Shop officially it will be priced $297. At that price it will offer exceptional value to everyone who follows it. However I need to be sure I’ve covered everything and optimized all aspects so that it’s offering the ultimate value.

I want you to come and kick the tires and take it for a test drive. In return I promise that by completing the course, you will have your own ecommerce site live and ready to do business. I want to be able to share your results and so will do everything I can to ensure your success.

To be part of this Beta, you only need to pay $50. From your point of view, that’s such a small amount in the context  of an ecommerce website, it should be a no-brainer. On the other hand, that’s also enough to cover a simple meal out for a family of four which I hope is enough to discourage anyone who isn’t going to commit to following the course and getting their results.

I hope to persuade a good number of business owners to join me, but as this is the first run, places are limited to ensure I can best serve all those taking part. If you want to take advantage of what may be a unique opportunity, don’t delay. When all the spots fill up, this offer will no longer be available.

Please look through the rest of this page for more information about the 90 Minute Web Shop training and if you have any questions, please use the contact form at the bottom of the page.

Thanks for your time.


P.S. This course is designed for business owners who need an ecommerce site for a range of products. If you’re a coach or similar with just one or two products, go ahead and register and after email me at ian@shoestringhustle.com. I’ll make sure your slightly different needs are covered too.

Create a Stylish Ecommerce Website faster than you'll believe

90 Minute Web Shop is a training course that will help you get your own ecommerce store online with the minimum of fuss.

By automating many of the dull and boring aspects of setting up a site, you’re left free to concentrate on the important stuff. Such as adding your products and getting the “look” right.

Select from an exclusive selection of home page and header and footer templates to effortlessly launch a stylish site in minimal time.

As you grow more confident with the page builder you can further customize your site to make it look exactly as you want.

$297 $50

Introducing Winston, Your personal site building assistant

We’ve created our very own platform and plugin to make setting up a WordPress and WooCommerce website quicker and easier than ever before.


Fill out the workbook so you know everything you need to know about your site before you get started


Work through Winston's Questionnaire and get your Installer URL


Add the Winston plugin to your WordPress site and run the installer


With your workbook, complete the remaining steps manually following our guides


Install your selected templates, tweak the colors and fonts and add your images
$297 $50

About the course

90 Minute Web Shop Beta

As a student of 90 Minute Web Shop, you will have receive the following:

  • 90 minute Web Shop Work Book to help you answer all the important questions before you get started
  • Winston Questionnaire to create a website installer tailored just for you
  • Winston WordPress plugin to automatically configure much of your website
  • Easy to follow step by step guides covering those aspects that require manual set up
  • Exclusive templates for your home page, header and footer to help you create your gorgeous site as quickly as possible
  • Access to the Shoestring Hustle Uni with guides to help you get started with WordPress
  • Access to the Get Started with Elementor training. This is a page builder that lets you create beautiful pages with very little experience

Live Sessions

The course will run for 8 days.

A pop-up Facebook group will be available for all participants during the course for support questions and to share ideas.

The following live sessions will be available for participants to ask questions in real time.

  • Saturday - 90 min live session for support (time TBC)
  • Sunday - 90 min live session for support (time TBC)
  • Saturday - closing session for final questions and sites show off (time TBC)

Additionally, from the Monday to Friday, I’ll respond to questions addressed through the Facebook group, probably through a daily Facebook live or in specific posts.

Your Ongoing Access

You will continue to have access to the 90 Minute Web Shop training material and the Shoestring Hustle Uni for the lifetime of the respective sites.

Note the Facebook pop-up group will close after the course concludes.

$297 $50

Why Do You Need Your own eCommerce Website?

Maybe you don’t if you’re selling on a 3rd party platform such as Etsy, Ebay or Amazon.

However, do any of these apply to you?

  • You have a blog and you link that to your 3rd party store
  • You want to use the Shopping on Instagram feature
  • You post product photos on your Facebook timeline and link those to your 3rd party store
  • You have a Facebook page and you link that to your 3rd party store
  • You post product photos on Instagram and link your profile to your 3rd party store
  • You post your products to Pinterest boards and link them to your 3rd party store
  • You tweet product photos and link them to your 3rd party store

If you answered yes to just one of those, you’re handing potential sales to your competitors.

You are spending your time and/or money acquiring traffic that you’re driving into someone else’s sales funnel.

The Compromise Effect Will Lose You Sales

You may not recognize the name Itamar Simonson, but I guarantee you understand the Compromise Effect that he identified.

In short, he revealed that when faced with a purchasing decision, human nature seeks the product that offers the best compromise of features to value for money.

You know it’s true because, like the rest of us, you behave in just the same way.

We all do it in the car dealership. We all do it when reading a restaurant menu. We all do it when considering a new phone.

We compare one product against another because it’s the only way we can settle that subconscious worry that we’re not making the right choice.

And every serious buyer you send to your 3rd party store will do it too. If fortune favors you, they may only compare against other products in your store.

However, many will compare against similar products from other sellers’ stores.

Only 2% of Visitors Are Serious Buyers

And it gets worse. It’s considered that if an ecommerce site converts 2% of visitors to buyers, it’s doing okay. That’s often quoted as the average conversion online.

So if you send 100 visitors to your 3rd party store, only two are serious buyers.

And thanks to human nature, before parting with their cash, both of them are going to compare products to reassure themselves they’re making the right choice.

On your own site, they’ll both use your other products to compare against. On a 3rd party site, a lot of the time they’re going to compare against your competitors.

You only need to lose one of them and your sales revenue is cut in half.

Reach Your Full Potential

If you’re acquiring your own traffic and sending that to a 3rd party site, your business can never achieve its full potential.

Because serious buyers form such a small proportion of shop visitors, no business can afford to let them leak out of their sales funnel.

If you want to give your business the best shot at success, launching your own site to work alongside your 3rd party stores is an obvious choice.

$297 $50

The site of your dreams or a real site selling your real products?

Do you have a vision of how your website will look?

The colors, the design and the images it will use?

Have you had this vision for a while, but still not made it happen?

That vision is holding you and your business back. Far too many entrepreneurs get caught up imagining their perfect website. However, because there are so many details that need to be carefully arranged and made just so, it never happens.

Forget the Details, Focus on the Big Picture

Forget about the website of your dreams. You can’t spend the dream dollars it generates in the real world.

Let’s give your business a real website and you can learn how to make it earn you real money. It won’t be everything you want, but it will be a full featured ecommerce site that can help your business prosper.

As time goes on, you can invest back into it and develop your real site so it becomes like the site of your dreams. Only this time it’s not earning you dream dollars.

Truth is, it’s a lot easier to think about something than actually do something. That’s why so many entrepreneurs need the 90 Minute Web Shop training.

No more procrastinating, prevaricating or postponing, just solid action to build your ecommerce website in a mere 90 minutes.

Dreamers dream. Entrepreneurs do!
$297 $50

Meet your trainer

I’m Ian Pullen, a graphic designer by training who was employed by publishing and marketing companies, managing three different design and production studios.

Since 2005, when we moved to Spain, I’ve worked freelance on print and web projects for solopreneurs and huge multi-nationals, such as Unilever, Lenovo and HSBC.

Down the years I’ve worked with a wide range of web publishing platforms, but ultimately I’ve come to pin my colors to the WordPress mast. It’s my web platform of choice now thanks to it’s flexibility and wide range of plugins adding extra functionality. If there isn’t a suitable plugin, I can always write my own.

If you want your own eCommerce site for your business, let me show you how. Don’t make it any more complicated than it needs to be. It really is just a 90 minute job.


Yes, though there’s a bit more to it.

Firstly one of the reasons you can create your site so quickly is because of your preparation. As soon as you register, I’ll send you a workbook.

The workbook is just a series of questions along with some supporting information to help you write your answers.

You will need a domain name and web hosting.

Some web hosts will include a free domain name when you buy hosting. However, I strongly advise you buy your domain in your own name from a domain registrar.

I currently use and recommend Namecheap. You can find cheaper domains, but check the renewal fee after the first year as often these are significantly higher.

Shared web hosting should be fine for your site. I’ve used and recommend Siteground’s WordPress hosting.

If you choose an alternative host, ensure their package includes the installation of a blank WordPress site. Remember that cheaper hosting packages usually mean slower websites.

A WordPress theme changes the appearance of a WordPress site.

For a simple analogy, when you change the theme of a site, it’s a bit like you changing your outfit.

The site looks different, but underneath it’s the same site. Just like if you have a change of clothes, you look different, but you’re the same underneath.

The course will show you how to create a site using the free version of the GeneratePress theme.

The home page and header and footer of your site will use exclusive templates to give your site a more stylish appearance.

A WordPress plugin adds new functionality to a WordPress site. For example, WooCommerce extends WordPress into an ecommerce website.

All the WordPress plugins used in this course are free. Some offer paid for versions with more features, but everything you do in this course will use the free versions.

You don’t need to, however, both the GeneratePress theme and the Elementor Page Builder plugin were chosen because they offer additional features in their paid for upgrades.

If after building your site you want more options for customization, you may want to consider one of the upgrades. However most site owners should be fine with the free versions.

Sure, kind of.

Some big black text saying “COMING SOON” and some smaller text saying “We’re currently preparing our new site for launch”.

Fact is no-one is going to visit your site until it’s launched. Let’s not waste yours or my time building a pretty, but pointless page that is just going to hold you up from your real site for even longer.

Ooooh, I like the cut of your jib.

That’s a valid point and I feel rightfully put in my place. However, here’s another idea.

Head over to MailChimp and sign up for a free account. You can then set up and share a sign up form as explained here – https://mailchimp.com/help/share-your-signup-form/.

That’s a much more flexible solution than a form in your own coming soon page and you can easily export the contacts to another platform after you launch if required.

Business owners who need an online store that they can sell their products through.

While the course is best suited for businesses that sell a range of products, the site you’ll create is also suitable for coaches and similar who sell just one or two products.

If that describes you, email me at ian@shoestringhustle.com at after registering and I’ll ensure you get further help to cover your slightly different needs.

Winston will only allow you to run your installer on one site. The course is designed for business owners to get their own site set up as quickly and painlessly as possible.

If you’re interested in learning how to create ecommerce sites for others, please get in touch. If there’s interest, I’ll look into creating a new training product.

$297 $50

15 Day Money Back Guarantee

I want to help you kick yourself into gear and get your ecommerce website live and I offer you a 15 day money back guarantee from the start of the course.

If you follow the 90 Minute Web Shop training, and even with my support you’re unable to get your web store live, I’ll give you your money back.

If you hit any problems during the course, ask me for help as soon as possible so we can get you on track. I’ll be answering questions daily during the course, so take full advantage.

Any Questions? Get In Touch

If you have any questions about 90 Minute Web Shop and whether it’s right for you, just send me a message below. I’ll get in touch as soon as possible.


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